Oil and Gas Well Maintenance
1. Drilling Services: completion and work over rig 15 ton, 30     ton  and 50 ton.

 Removing surface lines an handling surface unit before start of     work- over job

 Running in and pulling out tubings with BHA/ down hole pump     etc

 Running in and pulling out sucker rods with down hole pump,
   setting and releasing down hole sucker pump etc

 Nippling up and nippling down of well head assembly and
    BOP, pumping tee, stuffing box, polish rod, etc



 Picking up or laying down testing tools, down hole pump etc

 General workover operation like well bottom clearing etc

2. Drilling Services: Surface hole drilling rig upto 350 mtrs

 Drilling surface hole and running casing cementation job.

3. Drilling Services: Drilling rig for grouting false conductor

 Drilling, running casing, cementing, welding well plate on top of     casing.

4. Mobile pumping unit

 For conducting yield test, LDPT (Long Duration Pump Test) for     evaluation of aquifer parameters.

5. Casing Running in services system

  Running casing upto entire depth of drilling and than cementing     job.