Tube Well Drilling
01. Drilling Rig mounted with mud pump, all essential/required equipments, drilling crews,       technical staff etc.

02. Pumping/Yield Test unit for evaluation of aquifer parameters

03. Geohydrological, Geological, Geophysical, survey for selecting the drilling site in laddition        to using the remote sensing data.

04. Construction of deep Tube-well and Specialized tube-well as per design of client in all       types of formation.

a) Drilling of tube-well (Partially cased, Fully cased ) in different stages.

b) Preparation of lithological/physical log and drill time log.

c) Collection of soil/drill cutting samples during drilling.

d) Electro Logging (Resistivity, S.P., Natural Gamma, Caliper)

e) Design of pipe assembly based on E.logging results

f) Selection of slot size based on grain size analysis of aquifer material if essential.

g) Assembling and Lowering of pipe assembly as per design.

h) Gravel Packing and back washing (if required)

i) Cement Sealing and Clay balls/Clay Packing (if required)

j) Cleaning of Bore-well (Air compressor Development)

05. Supply and Installation of special pipes and pumps.

06. Physical, Bacteriological and Chemical analysis of water.

07. Recharging Tube-well/Percolation Well.

08. Soil Survey (Geo-technical Investigation)

09. Air-compressor of required capacity.

10. Mud pumps of different capacities.