Soft Flo
Why do we need a Softner ?

›  It reduces Hardness, Mineral Deposits and Scale built up

›  It increases life of Bathroom fittings and Appliances and all Distribution Line

›  It increases Effectiveness of Soaps, Detergents and Shampoo

›  You get Bright and Cleaner Laundry, Smoother, Softer Skin and Fresher,     Cleaner, Softer Hair

Unique features of Soft Flo
›  Sleek and Compact style design, space saving footprint

›  Direct access to electronic functions of the valve

›  Blow molded cabinet with injection molded cover and salt lid

›  Brine compartment and valve are easily accessible undercover

›  Large salt opening with easily detached snap-fit lid

›  Molded features at top and bottom of cabinet hold mineral tank in place
How does it Work ?
During normal conditioning, raw water enters the system through an inlet at the top of the resin tank. As it seeps down through the resin bed, hardness and scale are collected on the ion exchange sites of the resin. The result is the quality and convenience of conditioned water. During the regeneration cycle, the system automatically regenerates the ion exchange resin while gently influence the resin bed to remove foregin particles.