Research & Development
One of the keys to our success over the years has been the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Research and Development is a critical part of our business. We have developed a ‘Centres of Excellence’ approach for advanced technologies with 38 dedicated R&D people in Welshpool and Rydalmere. These include industry-leading specialists in material science, performance testing and enamelling technology. Through international recruitment we’ve built one of the strongest teams in the world committed to developing the next generation of solar water heaters.

It’s our aim to make solar water heating as accessible as any conventional water heater. We want to make sure that whatever the setting - a house, a block of units or huge industrial plant, solar water heating is the most cost-effective water heating option across the board, from installation to running costs, maintenance and longevity.

* We are working on making roof mounted models easier to install and more suitable for     contemporary looks.

* We’re applying sophisticated materials technology, such as anti-reflection coatings, to enhance     heat absorption and improve efficiency.

* We’re enhancing useability by including electronics to show how much hot water is stored in     the system, allowing users to know exactly when they need to boost the supply temperature.

* We’re developing large-scale commercial applications, integrating bulk water storage into our     groundbreaking closed circuit heating system.

* We’re finding ways to reduce costs without compromising on performance or durability.

To maintain our competitive edge, performance testing is essential. We have the most advanced fluid modelling software available which enables us to examine every aspect of fluid heating and heat retention. Sophisticated life cycle testing systems, including accelerated test procedures, not only ensure maximum quality but also reduce time to market for our products.

One thing is certain as we move forward to the future of solar water heating - each generation of solar water heaters we produce will be fundamentally better than the last and meet our own stringent standards of quality and durability.